Expedition Updates

Antarctic Expedition: 

  • Expedition vessel MV Ivan Papanin along with voyage team and cargo onboard arrived 37 mile off Bharati on 05 January 2017. Cargo operation and scientific activity started by helicopter support.
  • Ivan Papanin managed to reach about 50 meter offshore on 8 January 2017 with support from Russian ice-breaker - Akademic Federov. On priority, about 280 kL of bulk Jet A1 fuel was transferred to Bharati Fuel Farm in about 22 hours and food, provisions, spares, etc. were transferred to the station.
  • Maintenance team of M/s KAEFER, Germany with 5 engineers and an NCAOR consultant from M/s IMS, Germany reached Bharati on 18 January 2017 to carry out annual maintenance of the station.
  • Service Engineer from Kassbohrer reached Maitri station for repairs / maintenance of Pisten Bully vehicles and for imparting onsite training to our mechanics.
  • Four members of the last in-batch for the Antarctic season including a medical doctor reported at NCAOR on 5 January 2017 and reached Antarctica on 13 January 2017.
  • Snowmobiles, living modules, containers, etc. of the MADICE convoy that got stuck on the ice shelf in melt water channel on 26 December 2016 while returning to Maitri. Four rescue teams of logistics and scientific worked relentlessly and recovered everything by 3 January 2017. 
  • 11 members involved in the MADICE project for ice-shelf drilling returned India via Cape Town.


Arctic Expedition

  • Deadline of call for proposals for Indian Arctic research expedition 2017-2018 is over. A total of 27 research proposals received are currently under review by expert committee constituted by Director, NCAOR

International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP):

  • Dr. D K Pandey, Sc-E & Program Officer attended the Science Evaluation Panel (SEP) meeting at  University of California, San Diego during 10-12 Jan 2017.
  • A pre-bid meeting with prospective bidders was held at NCAOR on 23rd Jan 2017 against NCAOR   Tender for deployment of passive OBSs in the Indian Ocean.
  • NCAOR scientist Shri Vikash Kumar has been selected to sail on IODP expedition 374 (Ross Sea Ice Shelf Drilling) in 2018.

Hydrothermal Mineralization:

 Targets : Exploration Cruise for Hydrothermal Mineralisation Programme


  • 1st leg of exploration cruise MGS-13 under Hydrothermal Program started on 12th January 2017 from Chennai and will disembark at Port Luis on 9th February. The main objectives of the cruise is to undertake various studies viz. oceanographic, chemical, geological, biological studies in the CIR for the identification of potential sites for hydrothermal sulphide deposits.
  • Activities undertaken so far in MGS-13 in CIR: 
  • CTD Casts: 37 completed
  • Sediment sampling stations: 06 completed
  • Magnetic, Bathymetric, Gravity, SBP survey carried out for an area of 6NM by 6NM.