Sl. No. Tender No Description Download Release Date Closing Date
1 NCPOR/LHE-20194/ET-54, NCPOR/LHE-20195/ET-55, NCPOR/LHE-20196/ET-56, NCPOR/LHE-20197/ ET-57, NCPOR/LHE-20198/ ET-58, NCPOR/LHE-20199/ ET-59

Supply of Relay, UPS, Terminal Block, Transformer, Power Supply, Fuel  Sensor etc.

supply of ballast, CFL, LED bulbs, UPS control panel, Touch-Panel, Capacitors and related Electrical items etc.

Supply of Honeywell-security camera, Solenoid valve, Hard-drive, etc.

Spares For Membrane Bio Reactor & Grey Water Treatment Plant

Supply Of Membrane, Chemical, UV Lamp, Pumps And Other Related Items To Reverse Osmosis Plant

Supply Of Air-Filter (AL-KO), Flow Controller, Float Switch, Pumps And Other Related Items To HVAC

NIT 14oct19.PDF

14-10-2019 23-10-2019
2 NCPOR/ ARCTIC-357/ET-52, NCPOR/PR-1546/ET-53

Supply of Workstation And Desktop Computers

Supply of Electrical Items

NIT2 14 oct19.PDF

14-10-2019 30-10-2019
3 NCPOR/AES-11627/ ET-60, NCPOR/AES-11629/ ET-61, NCPOR/AES-11630/ET-62, NCPOR/AES-11590/ ET-63

Food Items (Cereals, Confectionary, Beverages and other Breakfast Items)

Dry Fruits (Cashew, Salted Cashew, Dry Grapes, Almond, Pista, Dried Makhana, Walnut Giri)

Supply of ready to eat packaged Pre-Cooked food items

UPS battery 62 AH and other types of Batteries

NIT 15 oct19.PDF

15-10-2019 28-10-2019