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-    Pandey, D.K. et al, 2016. Arabian Sea Monsoon. Proceedings of the International Ocean Discovery Program, 355: College Station, TX (International Ocean Discovery Program).

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-    Ravi Mishra, D. K. Pandey, Prerna Ramesh, Peter D. Clift (2016).  Identification of new deep sea sinuous channels in the eastern Arabian Sea. SpringerPlus, 5(1), 1-18. DOI 10.1186/s40064-016-2497-6.

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-    Singh A.D., Verma K., Jaisawal S., Alonso-Garcia M., Li B. and Abrantes F., 2015.Planktic foraminiferal responses to orbital scale oceanographic changes off the western Iberian margin since the MPR: Results from the IODP site U1391. Global and Planetary Change, Elsevier, 135, 47-56.

-    Singh A.D., Rai A.K., Tiwari M., Naidu P.D., Verma K., Chaturvedi M., Niyogi A. and Pandey D., 2015. Fluctuations of the Mediterranean Outflow Water circulation in the Gulf of Cadiz during the MIS 5 to 7: Evidences from benthic foraminiferal assemblage and stable isotope records. Global and Planetary Change, Elsevier, 133, 125-140. doi: 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2015.08.005.

-    OjhaMaheshwar, MaitiSaumen (2013): Sediment classification using neural networks: An example from the site-U1344A of IODP Expedition 323 in the Bering Sea; IODP Expedition 323,; M. Ojha, S. Maiti / Deep-Sea Research II 125-126 (2016) 202 213; Science Direct journal homepage: Deep-Sea Research II.

-    Pant N.C., P. Biswas, Shrivastava Prakash K., Bhattachaya S. and Verma Kamlesh, Pandey Mayuriand IODP Expedition 318 Scientific Party, 2013, Provenance of Pleistocene sedimentsfrom Site U1359 of the Wilkes Land IODP Expedition- evidence for multiple sourcing from eastAntarctic craton and Ross orogen, Accepted for publication in Special Publication on Antarctic Paleoclimate Evolution and Earth Surface Processes, Geological Society of London.381, 2.304.

-    Pälike et al (including DewanganPawan) (2012): A Cenozoic record of the equatorial Pacific carbonate; IODP Expedition 321 (ARTICLE doi:10.1038/nature11360) 30 AUGUST 2012 | VOL 488 | NATURE | 609.

-    Verma, Kamlesh, Bhattacharya, Sanjeeb, Biswas, P., Shrivastava, Prakash., Pandey, Mayuri, Pant, N. and IODP Expedition 318 scientific party, 2014, Clay mineralogy and carbon content record of the ocean sediments from the Wilkes Land margin, East Antarctica: implications on the palaeoclimate, provenance and sediment dispersal pattern, International Journal of Earth Sciences . Nov2014, Vol. 103 Issue 8, p2315-2326.

-    Felis T. et al (including Tiwari M.), 2014, Intensification of the Meridional Temperature Gradient in the Great Barrier Reef Following the Last Glacial Maximum. Nature Communications, 5, 4102, doi: 10.1038/ncomms5102.

-    Vannucchi P., Sak P. B., Morgan J.P., Ohkushi K., Ujiie K., and IODP Expedition 334 Scientists (including V. Yatheesh), 2013. Rapid pulses of uplift, subsidence, and subduction erosion offshore Central America: Implications for building the rock record ofconvergent margins. Geology 41(9), 995-998.

-    Gillis, K.M. et al (including Saha A.), 2013, Primitive Layered Gabbros from Fast-Spreading Lower Oceanic Crust. Nature v.505 (7482), pp.204-207.


- B. Harper, Á. Bernabéu, A. W. Droxler, J. M. Webster, A. L. Thomas, Manish Tiwari, E. Gischler, L. Jovane, S. Morgan, T. Lado-Insua (2013) Out of phase fore reef upper slope mixed sedimentation response to glacial-interglacial sea level fluctuations: Great Barrier Reef (north east Australia). In the proceedings of the 47th Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America (GSA; Abstract id. 217646) held from 4-7 April 2013 at San Francisco, USA.

 -    B. Harper, Á. Bernabéu, A. W. Droxler, J. M. Webster, A. L. Thomas, Manish Tiwari, E. Gischler, L. Jovane, S. Morgan, T. Lado-Insua (2012) Fore reef upper slope mixed sedimentation response to penultimate glacial interglacial sea level fluctuations: IODP Hole 325-M0058A, Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Submitted for proceedings of the AGU Fall Meeting held from 3-7 December 2012 at San Francisco, USA.

-    Stephen J. Gallagher, Neville Exon, Dhananjai Pandey, S. Rajan, Mike Coffin, and Ken Takai (2012) New Frontiers in Scientific Drilling of the Indian Ocean, Workshop Reports, Scientific Drilling, No. 14, pp. 60-63, doi:10.2204/