National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR),GOA

Cryosphere Team




Thamban Meloth  Scientist F & GD, Polar Sciences

Laluraj C.M  Scientist D & SIC, Polar Cryosphere and Ice Core Studies

Waliur Rahaman  Scientist D

Runa Antony  Scientist C

Lathika N Scientist C

Redkar B.L  Scientific Assistant B

Ashish Paiguinkar  Scientific Assistant A

Mahalinganathan K  Project Scientist B

Roseline C. Thakur  Senior Research Fellow

Gautami Dev Samui  Senior Research Fellow (CSIR)

Aritri Sanyal Junior Research Fellow

Mohd. Tarique Junior Research Fellow (UGC)

Tariq Ejaz Junior Research Fellow (UGC)

Priya Lokhande  Junior Research Fellow



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