Science in Antarctica

Over 20-30 institutes from all over India participate in the Indian Antarctic Program. Many of the projects are long-term while few are for a short period of 2-4 years. The Indian Antarctic Program is broadly categorised under four sections with “Climate Change” being the broader theme.



·         Atmospheric Sciences

  Theme 1: Climate Dynamics

  Theme 2: Atmosphere-Cryosphere Interactions

  Theme 3: Space Weather


·         Biological Sciences

  Theme 1: Molecular ecology of Antarctic cryosphere

  Theme 2: Adaptation strategies in terrestrial and aquatic habitats

  Theme 3:  Sea-ice ecosystems

  Theme 4: Terrestrial flora and fauna: Physiology and population dynamics

  Theme 5: Food-web dynamics

  Theme 6: Search for novel bioactive molecules and processes

  Theme 7: Genomics


·         Earth Science and Glaciology

  Theme 1: Past-climate from Lakes, Coastal deposits and soils

  Theme 2: Sea-Ice Biogeochemistry

  Theme 3: Quaternary Paleoclimate reconstruction using biological proxies

  Theme 4: Comprehensive atlas of lakes of Schirmacher and Larsemann Hills

  Theme 5: Deglaciation history of Antarctic Oases

  Theme 6: Gondwana-India-Antarctica

  Theme 9: Mapping of Jutulstraumen-Penckstraumen Rift Zone

  Theme 10: Meteorite Search

  Theme 11: Antarctic Geology and Geophysics

  Theme 12: Cryosphere Studies – strategic science plan for Antarctica


·         Environmental Sciences

·         Human Physiology and Medicine