External Affairs Minister’s visit to the Indian Arctic station- Himadri


The H’ble External Affairs Minister of India, Shri. Salman Kurshid made a visit to Ny-Alesund, Svalbard on 12th June 2013 after India gained the observer status to the Arctic council. He was accompanied by the H’ble External Affairs Minister of Norway, Mr. Espen Barth Eide along with the other 14 distinguished delegates from the both the countries. The delegation visited the Indian Arctic station, Himadri in Svalbard at 09:00 Hrs on 12th June 2013. The Indian team comprising Dr. Manish Tiwari, Ms. Divya David, Ms. Nazira Begum and Mr. Rupesh Kumar welcomed the delegation. The Indian participation and the scientific endeavors being undertaken as part of the Kongsfjorden flagship program were discussed. The research team also emphasized on the need of Arctic Research to understand the global problems and its teleconnection to Indian climate. The discussion was followed by the laboratory visit. The delegation appreciated the work being carried out at the station and the future work that is being planned. The delegation left the station at 09:45 Hrs as per the schedule after which they visited other stations of Norwegian Polar Institute and the Norwegian Mapping Authority. The delegation left the Ny-Alesund at 13:00 Hrs.