Brainstorming meeting at NCAOR for deployment of mooring system in Kongsfjorden

  • A brainstorming meeting was held at NCAOR, Goa on 24/25 September 2013 for identifying various aspects of the proposed Arctic mooring system in Kongsfjorden.
  • Dr.K.P.Krishnan (NCAOR), Arul Muthiah (NIOT) and M.S.Girish Kumar (INCOIS) will be visiting Himadri (Ny-Alesund), Norwegian Polar Institute (Tromso) and Research Council of Norway (Oslo) for initiating scientific interactions with Norwegian Polar Institute with respect to the proposed multi sensor ocean mooring; and (b) participating in Belmont Forum and JPI Climate  scoping workshop on Arctic Observing Systems and Arctic Sustainability Science at Oslo, Norway