SoE Meeting with the President of Mauritius

Indian Southern Ocean Expedition 2016-17, the scientific team with Hon’ble President of Mauritius

Indian Expedition to Southern Ocean/Antarctic Waters 2016-17 has been launched from Port Louis, Mauritius on 6th January 2017 onboard chartered Ice Class Research Vessel SA Agulhas with 24 scientists onboard. Continuous observations for various atmospheric and oceanic parameters were carried out in the entire cruise track. Mooring equipments at various depths were deployed for a period of one year in the Subtropical Frontal region [40.11°S 58.5°E]. Time series observations for a period of 72hrs were carried out at the Prydz Bay region [near the coastal waters of the India’s third Antarctic station “Bharati”]. After completion of the entire scientific operations upto Prydz Bay region [69° S 76 °E] the vessel arrived at Mauritius on 28th February, 2017.


A call on Hon’ble President of Mauritius has been granted for the Southern Ocean Expedition team on 3rd March, 2017. Indian High Commission has arranged the function. The attached photos show the scientific team with the Hon’ble President of Mauritius [Dr. Bibi Ameenah Firdaus Gurib-Fakim, also a Mauritian biodiversity scientist] as well as with His Excellency the Indian High Commissioner [Mr. Abhay Thakur].