Participation of Indian Scientist in IODP South China Sea Expedition

IODP Expedition- 368 South China Sea Rifted Margin-B

International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Expedition 368 (from 9th April-11th June 2017) along with Expedition 367 will address the mechanisms of lithosphere extension during continental breakup in the South China Sea (SCS) Rifted Margin. The SCS margin shows similarities to the hyperextended Iberia-Newfoundland margins, possibly including exhumed and serpentinized mantle within the continent-ocean transition (COT). However, recent modeling studies suggest that mechanisms of plate weakening other than serpentinization of the sub continental lithospheric mantle exist. IODP has chosen a few drilling sites across a 150-200 km wide zone of highly extended seaward-thinning crust with a well-imaged COT zone. These sites will determine the nature of critical crustal entities within the COT and constrain post breakup crustal subsidence, timing of rifting, rate of extension, and crustal subsidence. Around 30 scientists are onboard the Joides Resolution for this exciting and challenging expedition.



Ningthoujam Lachit Singh, Scientist B, NCAOR



Assigned as a Physical Properties Specialist in the IODP-368 Expedition.