Ivan Papanin met with an accident close to Bharati Station

Our expedition vessel - M.V. Ivan Papanin, after completing cargo operations at Bharati station in Larsemann Hills (69  24’24.4’’S,  76 11’42.9’’E) started her onward journey at 23:35 Hrs local time (18:35 UTC) on Monday, 05 February 2018 for our second station - Matiri in the Schirmacher Oasis (70  46’00.’’S;  11  43’50.8’’E). After a few hours of sailing, Vessel met with an accident. Initial investigation suggests heavy water ingress in the ballast tank No. 2.

Passenger and crew are safe on board and there is no oil spillage.

Papanin has now returned to the mooring location off-Bharati station. While the crew is attempting to fix the water ingress, passengers have been safely moved to Bharati Station.  Cargo and fuel on board meant for Maitri Station is being moved to Bharati station as well. Details of investigation and assessment of the damage is awaited.