Dr M Ravichandran, Director, ESSO-NCAOR has been elected as Vice President of Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

ESSO-NCAOR is happy to announce that Dr M Ravichandran has been elected Vice President of SCAR (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research).

SCAR has 32 voting nations and International Science Unions which elected Dr. M. Ravichandran for a four-year term.

SCAR is the apex body and the unifying umbrella for initiating and coordinating high quality international scientific research in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and provides independent scientific advice to Antarctic Treaty Consultative meetings and other organizations.

Dr M Ravichandran says he’s humbled to be elected by the SCAR member countries.

Dr M Ravichandran is joined by Vice Presidents Prof Gary Wilson (New Zealand)  and Dr Catherine Ritz (France) along with Prof Jefferson Simões (Brazil), Prof Steven Chown (President) and Dr Chandrika Nath (SCAR Executive Director) on the SCAR Executive Committee.

Secretary, Government of India, Dr M Rajeevan, the Delegate to SCAR expressed his happiness on India attaining a seat in this new role at SCAR.

India is also represented by Mirza Javed Beg as the Vice Chair for the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programmes (COMNAP).