Curtain Raiser of IISF 2023 at NCPOR Goa held on 15th December 2023.


Curtain Raiser of IISF 2023 at NCPOR Goa held on 15th Dec., 2023. Sessions meticulously planned for the school students to disseminate information of the IISF and to spark curiosity for Polar and Ocean realms.Besides, valuable insights from the dignitaries- Dr. Thamban Meloth, Director, NCPOR; Dr. Rahul Mohan, Group Director, NCPOR and Chief Guest- Prof. Suhas Godse, President, Vijnana Bharati, Goa Prant.As a part of the program, follwoing interesting sessions and interactions were held:

Dr. Swati Nagar, Project Scientist II, illuminated the essence of the iisfest! Her introduction delved into the significance of IISF, showcasing a myriad of scientific activities promoting curiosity, innovation, and exploration.

Dr. Anand Kumar Singh, Scientist D, shed light on the intriguing Indian Antarctic Programme. His engaging talk unveiled the fusion of art and science within the program, showcasing the importance and challenges of polar exploration. 

The screening of film "Climate Challenge" and an engaging session by Ms. Juhi Yadav, Project Scientist-I, lit up the IISF Curtain Raiser! The movie shed light on climate issues, followed by an exciting quiz and interactive session, sparking curiosity among budding minds.