Discovery of Antarctica

Till the 17thcentury, most of the audacious explorers treated this voyage as something next to impossible. While Antarctica was longing to see a man, the famous explorer Captain James Cook took the lead & circumnavigated this continent during 1772 to 75.Deriving inspiration from him, numerous explorers made attempts to reach there… but in vain! Nearly after hundred & fifty years that is in 1911, a Norwegian explorer finally made it to the South Pole.His name was Ronald Amundsen.

Only 3 weeks later, a British explorer Robert F. Scott also reached there but only at the cost of his life. Antarctica is a place where ozone hole was discovered. Recently over 70 lakes have also been discovered and among them, the largest one is "Lake Vostok". Scientists have discovered new microorganism in the ice core of Antarctica, which may throw new light on the origin of life and also solar system.