About 3000 km east of Maitri, the new Indian research base ‘Bharati’ is located between Thala Fjord & Quilty bay, east of Stornes Peninsula in Antarctica at 69° 24.41' S, 76° 11.72' E approximately at 35 m above sea level. The station with a very small footprint was commissioned on 18 March 2012 to facilitate year-round scientific research activity by the Indian Antarctic program. Station can support 47 personnel on twin sharing basis in the main building during summer as well as winters with additional 25 in emergency shelters / summer camps during summers and thus making the total capacity as 72. The station consists of one main building, fuel farm, fuel station, sea water pump house, a summer camp and a number of smaller containerized modules. The main building offers regulated power supply, automated heating and air conditioning with hot and cold running water, flush toilets, sauna, cold storage, PA system, aesthetically designed living, dining, lounge and laboratory space. The communication is through dedicated satellite channels providing connectivity for voice, video and data with India mainland.