Evaluation of Proposal

Research proposals are invited from Indian nationals working full-time in any of the Research Institutions, Scientific organisation or reputed universities. On submission of the proposal, an electronically-generated receipt with a unique id no. would be mailed to the proposer. The proposals would be peer-reviewed by a screening committee. Based on the recommendation of the committee, the proposal may be.  

  1. Rejected
  2. The proposer may be asked to revise the proposal and resubmit
  3. The proposal may be considered for initiation

The recommendation of the committee shall be kept classified and shall be communicated only to the proposer. The principal investigator of those proposals received and cleared by the committee may be invited to present their project proposal before a group of experts at a meetig to be held at NCPOR, Goa. The purpose of the presentation is to discuss the project in terms of

  1. The focus areas of research
  2. The recommendations of the National committee
  3. The logistics requirements of the work programme
  4. Integrating where possible, similar projects under a major umbrella programme
  5. The team composition
  6. Fund requirement if any

All proposers whose research proposals have been accepted for initiation would be required to give an undertaking to NCPOR to provide to the centre within a month of return from NyÅlesund, an interim report, as well as all data collected or generated. The details of data collected or generated shall be utilised to develop a Metadata which would form a part of the data base in this Arctic portal. NCPOR undertakes not to provide any details of the data provided to it to anyone without the consent of the principal investigator of the project. By submitting a proposal online, the principal investigator also undertakes to abide by the stipulations of data sharing described above.