Past events


Indo-Danish "Polar Biology" workshop (28th Nov - 3rd Dec, 2016) at NCAOR, Goa. 

Technical University of Denmark has received a framework grant from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation under the International Network Programme for the following project: Microbial stress responses to temperature changes in the three Polar Regions. Under this project, the Danish researchers together with participation from researchers from India is holding an Indo-Danish workshop at ESSO-NCAOR from 28th November to 4th December 2016. The workshop will comprise of two modules, the first being interactions from researchers from India and Denmark with key note speeches followed by talks on mutually agreed themes of interest and group discussions. The second module is intended to provide exposure to research students and early career researchers on next generation genomics and data analysis. It is envisaged that the main purpose of this workshop will be to bring together scientists from India and Denmark to actively work on generating new ideas for measuring and utilizing microbial responses to temperature changes in the Arctic, the Antarctic and the Himalaya. The workshop would also focus on bringing different aspects of the microbial life and adaptation in the Polar Regions. (Click here for workshop details)


The Ny-Alesund atmosphere flagship gap analysis workshop was held in Goa during 4-5 November, 2014

In order to create better and more productive collaborations, between atmospheric researchers in Ny-Ålesund from different institutions and between atmospheric researchers at different sites in Svalbard and beyond, the Atmospheric Research Flagship programme was initiated as part of the science plan for Ny-Ålesund.It was a follow-up to the Potsdam meeting, held during October 8 – 9, 2014 in Germany,with the aim to refine the progress made in Potsdam meeting and identify areas of collaborations where India can contribute much to further strengthen the Atmospheric Research at Ny-Ålesund. The meeting was attended by about 20 members from India, Ny-Ålesund Arctic science community and the Svalbard science forum.The workshop also came up with few recommendations in the fields of air – snow interaction,aerosols, clouds and precipitation as well as the Arctic climate and forecast modelling. The workshop identified that an area in which not much works are undergoing is the aerosol chemical characterization and thatthere is a need for long term aerosol chemical characterisation.


The 41stNy-Ålesund Science Managers Committee (NySMAC) meeting was held in Goa during 6-7 November, 2014

The NySMAC to enhance cooperation and coordination amongst research activities at the Ny-Ålesund International Arctic Research and Monitoring Facility had its 41st meeting in Goa. The meeting ensured that ongoing and planned research is not in conflict with environmental laws and regulations, and provided advice and comments on issues such as research planning and coordination, infrastructure development, and environmental protection. A total of 30 members including science managers and scientists attended the meeting.


The Indo Danish Seminar on Polar Research was held at MoES, New Delhion November 10, 2014  

The Royal Danish Embassy in India and the Innovation Centre of the Embassy organized a one-day seminar on Polar Research jointly with the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) and NCAOR to explore the avenues for joint research activities between the Danish and Indian scientists in the field of polar sciences. A total of 22 scientists from the University of Copenhagen, Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation, Technical University of Denmark, MoES and NCAOR participated in this.