IODP-India Meeting, DGH, Noida 

                             Research representatives from India, US and ECORD at DGH, Noida


IODP-India organized a three day (15-17 Jan, 2019) meeting at the National Data Repository, DGH to view seismic lines and existing well reports. The meeting was formulated as a result of scientific motivations developed at the SPADE drilling workshop (Sept 2018) to view existing data in preparation for writing paleoclimate/paleoceanographic drilling proposals for anticipated IODP campaigns in the Indian Ocean in 2023-2024.  Research representatives from IODP-India, IODP-US and ECORD attended the meeting. Lines spanning the eastern and western Indian margins and Andaman Sea were viewed resulting in the identification of 25 potential targets appropriate for addressing the scientific objectives.


IODP-India Review Meeting

 1. The national IODP review meeting chaired by the Secretary MoES was held on 11th Feb. 2019 at MoES, New Delhi to review the progress of the IODP-India activities at NCPOR, Goa.


                                  Discussions during the review meeting


2. The annual review meeting of IODP-India was conducted on 17th June 2019 at NCPOR, Goa under the chairmanship of Dr Rajiv Nigam to evaluate the progress of the IODP-India funded post cruise projects.

        During IODP-India review meeting held at NCPOR, Goa

Independent Review Committee Meeting

The progress and future activities of International Ocean drilling program (IODP) were presented at the Independent Review Committee (IRC) for evaluation under Seismology/Geosciences (SAGE) Scheme for their continuation beyond 2020 at NCESS, Thiruvananthapuram during 2nd July and 19th September, 2019.


IODP Outreach Program

IODP-India @NCPOR, Goa and Department of Geology @BHU, Varanasi jointly organised a workshop on ‘IODP Workshop for early career researchers’ in the XXVII Indian Colloquium on Micropaleontology and Stratigraphy (27th ICMS) @BHU on 6th November 2019. The workshop aimed to provide an opportunity to early career researchers and PhD students to learn; how to develop scientific proposals and participate in IODP expeditions.