Facilities-Environmental monitoring

Polar Environmental Laboratory (PEL) was established at NCPOR to facilitate environmental monitoring of Indian Antarctic stations. Studies on Aerosol and mercury cycle over Southern Ocean and Polar regions have  also been initiated to understand effect of aerosol perturbation on climate change. Following instrumentation facilities are available at PEL.


Atomic Absorption Spectrometer with Graphite Furnace and Hydride Generator (SOLAAR M6,Thermo Scientific) Ion Chromatograph with conductivity and UV detector (Metrohm Advance 861)


Nephelometer (3563, TSI)
Aethalometer (AE-42-7, Magee Scientific)
Multi Stage Impactor (30-821, Thermo Fischer)
Sunphotometer (Microtop II, Solar Light Company)
Aerosol Spectrometer (Grimm)
Multiparameter Probe (YSI ADV 6600)
Spectrophotometer (Genesys 20, Thermospectronics)
CO, SO2, NOx Analyser (S5006, S5001, S5012, SIR)
Colorimeter (Hach)
pH meter (510, Oakton)
Flame Photometer (CL 361)