NCAOR Staff - Dr. Abhilash Nair

Dr. Abhilash Nair

Project Scientist II
Department Name : Past Climate and Ocean Studies
Desk No : +91-832-2525626

Field Of Specilization : Micropalaeontology (Microfossil-diatoms and Radiolarians), Southern Ocean Paleoceanography, Antarctic Paleoclimate.
Current Research Activities : Understanding the past climate of the polar regions. I study the fossil remains of a siliceous phytoplankton group known as diatoms. Different groups of diatom species from Southern Ocean sediments are studied under a light microscope to extract the past

Academic Record

  • Jan 2013-Feb 2019: Ph.D. "Late Quaternary Studies on Climate Variability in Indian Sector of Southern Ocean Using Diatoms" in Marine Sciences, Goa University
  • June 2007- April 2009:  M. Sc in Marine Sciences, Goa University





  • 2019: Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Fellowship for training and research in GNS Science, New Zealand, in 2019
  • 2011: Qualified CSIR UGC-NET Lectureship


Research Area

I study the past processes in polar oceans. My interest lies in reconstructing the past Southern Ocean SST and Antarctic sea ice extent to understand the latitudinal shifts in sea ice and ocean fronts. The main objective is to understand forcing factors responsible for the paleo-shifts in Southern Ocean fronts and sea ice.  The broader aim is to see how the Southern Hemisphere high latitude interacted with the low latitude and Northern Hemisphere high latitude climate systems at different timescales in the past.



Professional Record

  • April 2022-April 2023- Project Scientist II
  • June 2016-March 2022- Project Scientist B
  • Dec 2011 to June 2016- Research Fellow