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1 Science News: Expanding tropics pushing high altitude clouds towards poles 12-05-2016
2 Science News: Daily up and down of the plankton animals in the sea 12-05-2016
3 Swachh Bharat Pakhwada: ESSO-NCAOR Initiated Beach Cleaning Campaign 10-05-2016
4 Arctic News: The fate of melting glacial ice in Greenland 26-04-2016
5 Climate Change Science News: Ancient marine sediments provide clues to future climate change 26-04-2016
6 The Arctic is facing a decline in sea ice that might equal the negative record of 2012 22-04-2016
7 Science News: Over 8 million deaths, US $7 trillion loss in natural disasters since 1900 19-04-2016
8 Recruitment for Project Scientist B, Project Scientist C, Project Scientific Assistant Grade A and Junior Research Fellow 19-02-2016
9 Ms. Parul Tandon received the best paper award in the 19th National Space Science Symposium held in Thiruvananthapuram 18-02-2016
10 36-Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica-Call for research proposals and Leaders 09-02-2016
11 Science News:Phase of the moon affects amount of rainfall 01-02-2016
12 The 15th Research Advisory Committee (RAC) meeting on 2nd Feb 2016 at NCAOR 01-02-2016
13 Science News: Earth's tilt influences climate change 16-12-2015
14 Science News: Warmer air and sea, declining ice continue to trigger Arctic change 16-12-2015
15 Invites Nominations from Scientists/Researchers for forthcoming IODP expeditions 367 and 368 11-12-2015