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1 Science News: By mid-century, more Antarctic snowfall may help offset sea level rise 12-09-2016
2 AFoPS Newsletter - August 2016 07-09-2016
3 The three presidents/chairs of AFoPS, IASC, and SCAR gathered to sign and exchange the trilateral MOU for cooperation in the Antarctic and the Arctic 02-09-2016
4 The poster presented by Shri. Shridhar D. Jawak bagged first place ​at the 34th SCAR and Open Science Conference 30-08-2016
5 Science News: Solar activity has a direct impact on Earth's cloud cover 26-08-2016
6 Mirza Javed Beg, Scientist ‘G’ and Project Director (Logistics) has been elected as Vice Chair of Council of Managers of National Antarctic Program (COMNAP) 22-08-2016
7 Deep Ocean drilling in Sumatra subduction zone to understand earthquake processes 16-08-2016
8 Certificate of Merit and Best Employee award by MoES 03-08-2016
9 Science News: Warm ocean current reaches surprisingly far south in the Antarctic Weddell Sea 03-08-2016
10 Open Day Celebration from 27 -29 July, 2016 18-07-2016
11 Science News: Ocean warming primary cause of Antarctic Peninsula glacier retreat 18-07-2016
12 Science News: The engine of life in the central Arctic Ocean: Ice algae 18-07-2016
13 Science News: Wind-blown Antarctic sea ice helps drive ocean circulation 08-07-2016
14 Science News: First signs of healing in the Antarctic ozone layer 04-07-2016
15 Science News: Understanding ice loss in Earth’s coldest regions 04-07-2016