Research Activities


We work towards understanding the modern biogeochemical and air to snow exchange processes and its past changes vis-à-vis the  climate system and its variability. The proxy parameters used include temporal variability of stable water isotopes, trace metal chemistry, ionic composition, dust particulates, and microbial components that are reliable indicators of environmental change. We strive to carry out interdisciplinary research in Antarctic, Arctic and Himalayan regions.



  • To assess the Antarctic climate change and its linkages during the past 2000 years using ice core records

  • To understand the biogeochemical cycling within the supraglacial environments

  • To study the dynamics and the rate of change of selected Himalayan glaciers

  • To study the glaciological processes in selected glaciers of Svalbard, Arctic





1. Antarctic climate reconstruction using ice core records

2. Biogeochemical process studies in Antarctic supraglacial environments

3. Air-snow interaction of ions and particulates in Antarctica

4. Mass balance, Dynamics and climate of the Central Dronning Maud Land Coast, East Antarctica (MADICE)



1. Mass balance and dynamics of selected glaciers in Ny-Alesund, Svalbard

2. Air-snow interaction of ionic species over Arctic



1. Integrated glaciological monitoring of benchmark glaciers of Chandra basin, Lahul-Spiti valley, Himachal Himalayas


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