Air-Snow Interaction of Ions and Particulates in Arctic



Air-snow interaction of ions and particulates in Arctic


To develop an understanding of the processes involved in air-snow interactions, sampling of trace gases, aerosols, and surface snow measurements was initiated in 2012 at Gruvebadet, the research lab at Ny-Alesund, Arctic.  After establishing a baseline of the study the sampling was also carried out in 2013 at Ny-Alesund. The studies throw light on the atmospheric sources of snow-nitrate which help to understand the nitrate localization and reactivity snow, taking into consideration the interference of other ionic species and trace gases in Ny-Alesund during the spring time. This study, similar to that initiated in Larsemann hills, Antarctica will be carried out to obtain a comparative overview of the chemical process taking place at the air-snow interface in the Polar Regions. 


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