Mass Balance And Dynamics of Selected Glaciers at Ny-Alesund



Mass balance and dynamics of selected glaciers at Ny-Alesund


Svalbard  glaciers are at the northern extremity of a zone of rapid transfer of heat through the Norwegian Sea, and the whole area of Svalbard is particularly sensitive to climatic change. It is important to study glaciers for determining  volumetric change in glacier mass as well as understanding major controlling factors that influence retreat and advance of these glacier. The objective of the study is to understand the dynamics and mass budget of few Arctic glaciers in the context of climate change.

Towards the  achievement of the objective, the following field based studies are undertaken in the Vestre Broggerbreen glacier in  Ny-Alesund, Svalbard:

  • Mass Balance
  • Glacier surface flow velocity / glacier flow
  • Terminal / snout monitoring
  • Energy balance
  • Radar based glacier dynamics studies
  • Geomorphological studies


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