Field Activities




A sustained field and laboratory effort with a major research focus on glaciology and climate variability were initiated since 2005. Major field campaigns conducted during 2016-19 include:

  • Ice core drilling in two ice rises (IND 36/B9 (122 m), IND 36/B10 (51 m) and IND 37/B11 (152 m)) in central Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
  • Photo-biogeochemical process measurements and snow/ice sampling in Larsemann Hills, Antarctica
  • Mass balance study of Vestre Broggerbreen glacier at Ny-Alesund
  • Glaciological monitoring of Samudra Tapu, Gepang Gath, Sutri Dhaka and Batal glaciers in Chandra Basin, Himachal Pradesh


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