Tender Archive

Sl. No. Tender No Description Download Release Date Closing Date
1 AES-11632

Electrical Heaters

AES-11632 17 Dec 19.PDF
17-12-2019 07-01-2020
2 NCPOR/ARCTIC-374/ET-84, NCPOR/LAB-3332/RT/ET-85, NCPOR/LAB-3259/RT/ET-86

Rotary Evaporator Vacuum Pump & Chiller ,

Motorized Stereo-Zoom Microscope Camera ,

Upright phase contrast microscope camera

NIT 17 Dec 19.PDF
17-12-2019 07-01-2020
3 NCPOR/47/19


10-12-2019 26-12-2019
4 NCPOR/AES-11647/ET-72

Spares for Fan Blower for Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) Plant and etc.


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22-11-2019 16-12-2019
5 NCPOR/48 /19

Notice inviting Tender for providing Catering, Housekeeping & Caretaking services At NCPOR Guest House

NCPOR 48 19 18 Nov 19.PDF
18-11-2019 23-12-2019
6 NCPOR/47/19

Tender for engagement of Chartered Accountant for preparation of Annual Accounts, Internal Audit and various regulatory works



NCPOR4719 07Nov19.PDF
07-11-2019 26-12-2019
7 PR-1551


01-11-2019 25-11-2019
8 AES-11645

Electric Cloth Dryer 

01-11-2019 25-11-2019
9 NCPOR/AES-11602/ET-66, NCPOR/AES-11603/ ET-67, NCPOR/LHE-20209/ET-68, NCPOR/LHE-20210/ET-69, NCPOR/LHE-20212/ET-70, NCPOR/LHE-20204/ET-71

Supply of Spares for Bioreactor and Grey Water System,

Spares for Electrical, MLVD  & Deep Freezer,

Supply of Solenoid Valve, Air- Compressor, Lifting Pumps,

Spares for Fuel Farm System Equipments,

Supply of UV and VAV Modules of Halton make,

Spares For CHP (Combined Heat & Power) System

NIT01 Nov19 (1).PDF
01-11-2019 11-11-2019
10 NCPOR/HSS-233/ET-64, NCPOR/ORVSC-0203/ET-65

Supply of Automated Motorized Stereozoom Microscope,

Supply of Xeon Workstation

NIT02 Nov19 (2).PDF
01-11-2019 25-11-2019
11 LAB(CRYO)-3367

Magnetic Stirrer & Hot Plate

LAB(CRYO)-3367 15oct19.PDF
15-10-2019 31-10-2019
12 AES-11638

Electrical Tester & Digital Meters

AES-11638 15oct19.PDF
15-10-2019 31-10-2019
13 AES-11637

Electrical Fixtures and Accessories

AES-11637 15oct19.PDF
15-10-2019 31-10-2019
14 AES-11636

Battery & Chargers

AES-11636 15oct19.PDF
15-10-2019 31-10-2019
15 AES-11635

Electrical Bulbs & Tubelights

AES-11635 15oct19.PDF
15-10-2019 31-10-2019
16 AES-11634

Electrical Boxes

AES-11634 15oct19.PDF
15-10-2019 31-10-2019
17 AES-11625

Stationery & Office Accessories

AES-11625 15 oct19.PDF
15-10-2019 31-10-2019
18 AES-11631

Electrical Wires 

AES-11631 15oct19.PDF
15-10-2019 31-10-2019
19 AES-11632

Electrical Heaters 

AES-11632 15oct19.PDF
15-10-2019 31-10-2019
20 AES-11633

Electrical Miniature Circuit Breaker and Residual Current Circuit Breaker

AES-11633 15oct19.PDF
15-10-2019 31-10-2019
21 AES-11626

Tissue Paper Roll

Tissue Paper Roll Toilet Abania's/Royal/Premiere

AES-11626 15oct19.PDF
15-10-2019 31-10-2019
22 NCPOR/AES-11627/ ET-60, NCPOR/AES-11629/ ET-61, NCPOR/AES-11630/ET-62, NCPOR/AES-11590/ ET-63

Food Items (Cereals, Confectionary, Beverages and other Breakfast Items)

Dry Fruits (Cashew, Salted Cashew, Dry Grapes, Almond, Pista, Dried Makhana, Walnut Giri)

Supply of ready to eat packaged Pre-Cooked food items

UPS battery 62 AH and other types of Batteries

NIT 15 oct19.PDF
15-10-2019 28-10-2019
23 NCPOR/ ARCTIC-357/ET-52, NCPOR/PR-1546/ET-53

Supply of Workstation And Desktop Computers

Supply of Electrical Items

NIT2 14 oct19.PDF
14-10-2019 30-10-2019
24 NCPOR/LHE-20194/ET-54, NCPOR/LHE-20195/ET-55, NCPOR/LHE-20196/ET-56, NCPOR/LHE-20197/ ET-57, NCPOR/LHE-20198/ ET-58, NCPOR/LHE-20199/ ET-59

Supply of Relay, UPS, Terminal Block, Transformer, Power Supply, Fuel  Sensor etc.

supply of ballast, CFL, LED bulbs, UPS control panel, Touch-Panel, Capacitors and related Electrical items etc.

Supply of Honeywell-security camera, Solenoid valve, Hard-drive, etc.

Spares For Membrane Bio Reactor & Grey Water Treatment Plant

Supply Of Membrane, Chemical, UV Lamp, Pumps And Other Related Items To Reverse Osmosis Plant

Supply Of Air-Filter (AL-KO), Flow Controller, Float Switch, Pumps And Other Related Items To HVAC

NIT 14oct19.PDF
14-10-2019 23-10-2019
25 NCPOR/AES-11609/ ET-45, NCPOR/LHE-20207/ ET-46, NCPOR/LHE-20209/ ET-47, NCPOR/LHE- 20210/ ET-48, NCPOR/LHE-20211/ET-49, NCPOR/LHE-20212/ET-50, NCPOR/AES-11620/ET-51

Basmati Rice

Container Living Module

Solenoid Valve, Air-compressor, lifting pumps, control-panels etc

Spares for fuel farm system equipment

All sky camera color

Spares for automation system of kitchen

Dals, rajma, lobia etc.

NIT 27sept19.PDF
27-09-2019 15-10-2019
26 NCPOR/ARCTIC-349/ET-36, NCPOR/LAB-3332/ET-37, NCPOR/LHE-20203/ET-38, NCPOR/AES-11604/ET-39, NCPOR/LHE-20204/ET-40, NCPOR/LHE-20205/ET-41, NCPOR/AES-11602/ ET-42, NCPOR/AES-11603/ ET-43, NCPOR/HSS-220/ET-44

Supply of Xeon Workstation

Supply Installation and Commissioning of motorized stereo-zoom Microscope with Camera and Imaging Software

Spares for building Automation System

Construction and Masonry Items

Spares for Combined Heat & Power System

Spares For HVAC System

Spares for Membrane Bio-reactor and Grey Water System

Supply of Spares for Electrical, main line voltage distribution & Deep Freezer

Supply Of Muffle Furnace Benchtop

NIT dt200919.PDF
20-09-2019 14-10-2019
27 NCPOR/AES-11607

IT peripherals, Label Printer & its accessories

AES-11607 dt200919.PDF
20-09-2019 14-10-2019
28 LAB-3309

Plankton net for sampling 20μ

Plankton net for sampling 200μ

Lab-3309 dt200919.PDF
20-09-2019 14-10-2019
29 AES-11605

Spares for Welding Equipment

AES-11605 dt200919.PDF
20-09-2019 14-10-2019
30 NCPOR/LHE-20206

RO System Spares

LHE-20206 dt200919.PDF
20-09-2019 14-10-2019